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Introduction to bulky transport

    湖南mg游戏网站捷物流有限公司长沙分公司,专业承揽超限和超重货物的Bulk transportation, 超限货物是指装载轮廓尺寸超过车辆限界标准; 超重货物是指车辆总重量对桥梁的作用超过设计活载。Such as large chemical equipment ammonia synthesis tower, urea synthesis tower, methanol scrubber, deleaching tower and so on, Wind blades, wind ducts, etc., in large wind power generation equipment, Generator stator, rotor, boiler drum and so on in large thermal power generation equipment, Transformers, reactors, etc. in large hydroelectric power generation equipment are over-limit or overweight equipment。 Hunan Guolian logistics spirit of "customer-oriented, service first.,Realistic and innovative,Pursuit of excellence "service concept, Give full play to professional and talent advantages, Strive to build China's largest transportation brand, Make use of the advantages of network resources and the advantages of specialization and information technology in bulky transportation, For the majority of large production enterprises to reduce costs,Increase the utilization rate of large transport vehicles,Optimize transportation structure,Finally achieve win-win cooperation and common development!

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